We champion nonviolence as the foundation for effective programs and actions to promote the dignity of every human being.


Note from Executive Director

Forget your perfect offering. Ring the bells that you can ring. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.   - Leonard Cohen


A broken bowl mended using kintsugi

Maybe it's okay for things to break?

Tree bark cracks open to make space for the new growth rings forming within the trunk..  

Broken pottery repaired with gold, as is done in the Japanese art of kintsugi, emphasizes an item's cracks and in doing so creates unique beauty. 

In the movie, Encanto, the cracks in the Family Madrigal's home are a catalyst for healing.

Perhaps cracking and breaking and falling apart are prerequisites for transformation and change. If so, maybe this time of dis-integration is the dark before the dawn. What do you think? 

With Revolutionary Love, Leah


Share Your Feedback About the Mpls Police Department to Inform the MN Department of Human Rights' Consent Decree 

In April, the MN Department of Human Rights released its findings that the City of Minneapolis and its Police Department engage in a pattern or practice of race discrimination. Race based policing violates our state's civil rights law.

The MN Justice Research Center is hosting facilitated engagement sessions across Minneapolis to gather ideas from community members on what should be included in a consent decree to address race-based policing in Minneapolis.


A consent decree is a court-enforceable agreement that identifies specific changes to be made and timelines for those changes to occur. Check out this video to learn more.

Siign up to attend an engagement session: https://www.mnjrc.org/events 
Food will be provided, and all who work, live, play or pray in the city of Minneapolis are welcome. 

The Final City-Wide Engagement Session is: 
July 28, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1200 S Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Read the full report here: MN Department of Human Rights' Investigation into the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department


Request for Items to Sell at the FNVW Holiday Fair

The snow might not yet be in the air, but planning has already started for the 2022 FNVW Holiday Fair Fundraiser and Social Event!  

FNVW would love your assistance gathering the following items to sell at the Holiday Fair:

  • Handmade crafts
  • Donated services
  • Used books
  • Quaker Treasures
  • Desserts
  • Donated items from local business

Sign up here to help: 
FNVW Holiday Fair Donations Form


Interested in being on the Holiday Fair Planning Committee?
Our next meeting is Sunday, July 31st at 1 pm. Please reach out to leah@fnvw.org for a Zoom link.


Last Chance to Register!
People Camp 2022
Building a Social Change Community:
50 Years of People Camp


People Camp Registration Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, July 24th

Register online: bit.ly/PeopleCampRegistration

People Camp 2022  
August 7-13th
Northern Pines Retreat Center
Park Rapids, MN

People Camp is a week-long, intergenerational  experience of cooperation, exploration and community living. People Camp provides a unique opportunity to rest and refresh your mind, body and spirit through a variety of workshops, group activities and recreation options in a camp setting.

Check out the People Camp Guide to learn more about what People Camp is all about! 

People Camp 2022 Workshops

An exciting workshop line-up is in store for People Camp 2022.  The first part of the week will focus on social change activism and feature two 2-session workshops: “Cultural Organizing for Climate Justice in the North”, led by Shanai Matteson from MN350, and  “Strategies for Nonviolent Action”  with P.J. Hoffman. Filling out the rest of the week are “From Blame into Mourning into Love-based Action”  led by Pam Winthrop Lauer, “Mini AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) Training” featuring Maria Musachio, and “Community Singing and Inclusive Spaces” with FNVW’s own Leah Robshaw Robinson.


People Camp 2022 Book Club Selections

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants” is by Robin Wall Kimmerer, a botanist and indigenous person. She embraces the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teachers and that the awakening of a wider ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgment and celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world. 

The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander argues that we have not ended racial caste in America - we have merely redesigned it by targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color. She challenges the civil rights community--and all of us--to place mass incarceration at the forefront of a new movement for racial justice in America.


New Episode of FNVW's Everyday Nonviolence Podcast!


In this episode, we hear from two women whose lives have been dramatically impacted by gun violence. 

Jarren Peterson Dean is a special education teacher living in Plymouth, MN with her husband and young son.  In 2014, Jarren's boyfriend, James, was shot and killed near their home in Minneapolis. Jaren has been involved in a variety of social justice issues, including restorative justice, which she talks about in this episode. 

Shannon Johnson lives in rural Chisago County and works as a client support team manager for a technology company. In 2017, Shannon’s dad, Donn, was killed by their neighbor less than a ¼ of a mile from their family’s farm in rural Minnesota. Shannon and her dad shared a love of outdoor activities, such as hunting and sport shooting. She is an advocate for sensible laws that allow for responsible gun ownership, while preventing the sort of tragedy she and her family has experienced. 
Jarren and Shannon received Survivor Fellowships from Everytown for Gun Safety, which allowed them to learn how to use their experiences as a force for positive change, working with Moms Demand Action to end gun violence. More stories of victims and survivors can be found here

Jarren Peterson Dean

Shannon Johnson

After listening, please consider sharing with your networks on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) Include a few sentences about what you liked or learned along with a link to the episode.


July Virtual AVP Combo Workshop

What: In the context of a supportive community, you'll discover your power to build safer communities and transform conflict and frustration in your life.

The three day workshop schedule is:
July 22, Friday 5-9pm CST, with a 30 min. break
July 23, Saturday 11-6pm CST, with a 1 hour break
July 24, Sunday 9-4pm CST, with a 1 hour break

Sign up: online using the AVP-MN Combo Community Virtual Workshop - July 2022 Registration Form  now to guarantee your spot! 

Where: The entire workshop will take place via Zoom. We are happy to provide technological assistance if you have any questions about Zoom.

Who: All are welcome to attend. No prior experience necessary. 

Cost: The suggested fee to participate in this workshop is $25 - $100. We understand that not everyone may be able to afford this, and no one is turned away due to lack of funds. 


Monthly FNVW Virtual Sing Along

Join us for an FNVW Sing Along on the last Friday of the month. Led by PJ Hoffman, Maria Musachio, and friends. You can also lead some of the songs - let us know!

When: Friday, July 29th, 7:00-8:00 p.m. CST

Hop on using this Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 896 8256 2161
Passcode: 442830


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FNVW E-Letter
July 21, 2022

Upcoming Events

  • Friday-Sunday, July 22-24: Virtual AVP Combo Workshop
  • Thursday, July 28: City-Wide Consent Decree Engagement Session, 7-9 pm
  • Friday, July 29: FNVW Virtual Sing Along, 7-8 pm
  • Sunday, July 31: Holiday Fair Planning Commitee, 1 pm
  • August 7-13: People Camp 

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